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 Emon Islam  is an Bangladesh musician artist  and model. Emon Islam  was born on 4 March 1998 Goshairhat, Shariatpur, dhaka.

He lives in Dhaka,Bangladesh .

Filmy Career: Emon Islam has acted in many  music videos. He is also the founder of the Bangladesh  music company 'We Creative Films'. Together they work with their team. 


At a Glance

Name: Emon Islam

Nickname: Emon

Date of Birth: 04 March 1998

Birth Place:Gosairhat,Shariatpur,dhaka,Bangladesh

Religion Islam

Occupation Musician, Composer, DigitalMarketer.

5 Foot 8 Inch



Emon islam  family consists of parents,a brother, and a sister. Emon Islam  mother's name is 'Ranu Begom', and the father's name is 'siddik dewon '.

Mother Name - ranu begom 

Father Name - siddik dewan

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